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Men Celebrate A Bachelor Party And End Up Rescuing A Dog And Her Puppies

Mitchel Craddock, a guy from Vickburg, Michigan, was with a group of pals in a Tennessee woodland to celebrate his bachelor party when a dog named ‘Annie’ crossed his path. The lads had planned a large party and went on an expedition when they rescued eight abandoned dogs.

Craddock and his friends were cooking at a cabin in the woods when Annie entered through the front door; she didn’t walk in, but simply waited in the entry to receive some food.

He stated:

“She was a really nice girl after we won her trust; she greeted us with a wagging tail.”

CREDIT: Mitchel Craddock

Annie didn’t have a collar, leash, or anything else that would suggest she had a home, so the men assumed she had been abandoned and needed assistance.

CREDIT: Mitchel Craddock

Craddock stated,

“She was dehydrated and hungry, and she ate everything we gave her as quickly as she could.”

Annie appeared to want to communicate something to the men and skillfully led them to a hole where one of them stuck his head and saw seven pups attempting to escape.

CREDIT: Mitchel Craddock

They appeared to be OK. Without a sure, Annie took excellent care of them; all they needed was a nice wash because they were filthy owing to the ground.

The groom and his godparents adopted the seven abandoned puppies and their mother. They now have a permanent home where they are lavished with attention.

CREDIT: Mitchel Craddock

According to CBC 6News, despite the fact that the bachelor party plans were modified, these men were quite happy to have found these puppies, which were eventually named Knox, Bear, Daisy, Gunner, Brimmy, Finn, Rose, and, of course, Annie.

CREDIT: Mitchel Craddock

Craddock’s wife, Kristen, stated:

“They had raised a large sum of money in order to purchase food and alcohol. After the third day, the beer money were converted into puppy food dollars.”

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