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Cat Lives In The Grave Of Her Deceased Human For A Year, She Misses Her Very Much

A cat in Central Java, Indonesia, is in sorrow after losing her human; the cat resides in the tomb of the person she loves the most in this world and has no plans to leave. Keli Keningau Prayitno, 28, a bystander, attempted to adopt her, but she returned to the same spot, caressing the miniature gravestone once more.

It turns out that the cat visits her former house every day and is fed by the deceased’s children before returning to the grave.

Despite getting food and water from bystanders, this cat refuses to leave the tomb and spends every night there.

Keli stated that he had followed the cat and discovered that the former owner was an elderly woman called Kundari who had recently passed away.

Keli stated:

“She’s been in the grave since the cat’s mother passed away. She does not want to return home. She’s been here about a year.”

“I assumed she was homeless and attempted to help her, but she kept returning to the same spot.”

“I followed her, and she would go to the house where she used to reside, and the children of the woman would feed her.”

“The cat would then return to the same location. She sleeps there.”

Even after being offered other homes, the cat refuses to leave Kundari’s grave, even a year after her death.

Animals are extremely loyal animals, willing to wait for years for the return of a loved one, whether they have abandoned them or deceased.

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