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Doctor Revives A Homeless Cat That Almost Perished In Front Of The Hospital

An emergency room doctor in Istanbul, Turkey, saved the life of a stray cat and adopted it as a part of his family. Little is known about the white stray cat who arrived at the gates of the Özel Akgün Tem hospital one day and became stuck in the rotating door.

The issues for “Miracle,” as the cat was subsequently dubbed, began when he attempted to enter the facility through a rotating door in the front.

A man leaving the hospital at the time had not noticed the cat and had mistakenly trapped it between one of the glass panels and the entrance. When the man realized what was happening, he came to a complete stop, but it was too late.

The trapped cat can be seen writhing in misery on surveillance video and people trying to free it.

Halil Akyürek, an emergency department doctor at the hospital, was among those who saw the disturbance at the entrance. He dashed to assist the helpless creature.

Halil stated:

“The cat’s neck was completely stuck.”

“He was straining and had trouble breathing. I gently pulled him away from the door with my hand on the back of his head. We began CPR right away.”

The doctor can be seen stroking the cat’s heart and bringing it back to life in the frightening and dramatic footage.

Miracle was brought to the hospital’s emergency room and given oxygen. Meanwhile, Dr. Halil spoke with a veterinarian to learn what meds he might give the cat and how to administer them.

Dr. Halil was one of those who helped decide on the cat’s new name after being inspired by its speedy recovery. But he didn’t only name him; he also provided a lifetime home.

This cat, who was homeless and on the verge of life, now has a human who loves him and a family.

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