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This Family Adopted A 20-Year-Old Cat To Bring Him Much Love And Joy In His Last Years Of Life

While many people seek to adopt a pet while she is still young, this loving family adopted a 20-year-old cat named Dexter in order to give her all the love she deserved in her final years of life, and as a result, this cat was very happy and certainly left an irreplaceable place in her family’s hearts after her departure.

It all started when Jill Williams, a Best Friends Animal Society member, got an email needing urgent transit homes for cats.

The woman, who has a husband, four dogs, and two children who are eager to have a cat, was unsure how it would work out to add a new member to the family and more in the case of a feline.

CREDIT: Jill Williams

According to Jill Williams:

“We were very convinced that even if we took in a homeless cat, even if just temporarily, we’d have to keep them apart.”

“We had no clue how our dogs would react to a feline family member.”

Jill went to the shelter and saw a big number of cats searching for a home. At the time, the woman was thinking about adopting a tiny cat, but instead encountered an elderly toothless cat named Dexter who absolutely won her heart.

CREDIT: Jill Williams

“My initial thought was, ‘Wow, this cat definitely needs a home.'”

“I had a million things racing through my mind.”

CREDIT: Jill Williams

Jill doubted that a 20-year-old cat could live with four dogs and two lively children at his age, but Dexter didn’t seem to mind; he simply wanted a home.

“Dexter kept meowing, going in and out between my knees, laying his paws on my legs as I knelt.”

“All right, I was going to bring him home.”

CREDIT: Jill Williams

When the lady made the decision to take Dexter home, she called a family reunion to explain the situation and the regulations that would apply from then on.

Jill Williams’ children, JJ and Harry, who were 5 and 7 years old at the time, loved Dexter from the get-go.

CREDIT: Jill Williams

“JJ saw a best friend, a soul partner, at just 5 years old, JJ realized the necessity of supporting this cat, no matter its age or appearance.”

Jill stated:

“Dexter meowed and poked his paws beneath the door over the following three days.”

“The dogs were all quite interested. They never appeared violent or nervous.”

CREDIT: Jill Williams

Curiosity seized all of the dogs, notably Flora, a 140-pound dog that couldn’t wait to see out whose paws appeared from beneath the door.

“She smelled Dexter’s nose out the door, and Dexter meowed and returned the greeting.”

CREDIT: Jill Williams

When the dogs eventually met the kitty, they got along fantastically well.

“It was an insane thing.”

“It’s still hard for me to believe. They were all sleeping with Dexter. He was the king.”

CREDIT: Jill Williams

Dexter spent the following two years surrounded by a loving household, gaining weight and regaining his fur.

“He was involved and caring.”

“He never pretended to be elderly. Never. He has feelings for everyone.”

CREDIT: Jill Williams

Until the terrible moment of saying goodbye came, Dexter’s heart stopped beating.

“It’s never easy to lose a pet.”

CREDIT: Jill Williams

Dexter’s departure was incredibly sad and difficult for the family, especially for the children and Flora, but this cat had real love in his last two years of life, which is immensely reassuring.

CREDIT: Jill Williams

Dexter’s family chose to give another homeless cat the chance to have a happy life as he had in his final years, and they now have Trixie, a gorgeous 1-year-old cat, in their home.

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