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Male Cat Was Found Caring For Abandoned Kittens As If It Were Their Mother

In Bloomfield, New Jersey, homeless Animal Adoption League (HAAL) rescue teams were confronted with a circumstance that caught them off guard, but made them pleased to witness a male cat caring for abandoned kittens. The animal demonstrated its maternal instincts by sheltering the abandoned brood.

A lady going home from work discovered a laundry basket full of kittens abandoned on the sidewalk, according to a HAAL post on its Facebook page. The Good Samaritan was at a loss for what to do, so he informed the shelter that they appeared to have been abandoned recently.

He stated that the mother was with the litter and that he did not feel safe picking them up. The temperature had dropped, and it had begun to rain.

CREDIT; Homeless Animal Adoption League

Joann LoGreco of HAAL told The Dodo:

“We received a complaint regarding kittens abandoned in a laundry basket placed on an East Orange street’s sidewalk. We don’t generally undertake street rescues, but the area was near to our shelter and it was starting to rain, so we went to investigate.”

CREDIT; Homeless Animal Adoption League

As a result, HAAL went in search of the kittens. When they arrived, the six kittens were all cuddling their “mother” to be warm and protected.

CREDIT; Homeless Animal Adoption League

They fed them and checked on all of the kittens, and they were relieved that they were all healthy.

The litter and her “mother” were transported to the shelter that night. The most startling ones, though, awaiting his rescuers the next day.

CREDIT; Homeless Animal Adoption League

On its Facebook page, HAAL stated:

“We had extra time the next day, so we went to meet the lovely family. We were given a pleasant surprise while examining the mother. Mom was not a mother at all. She was a he. The nice cat who looked after those small puppies was a male. He may have been the father or an elder brother of another litter, yet he was a guardian and surrogate mother to those young kittens. He cleans them and plays with them lovingly.”

CREDIT; Homeless Animal Adoption League

According to the film featuring the late Robin Williams, who disguised himself as a housewife to spend time with her children after their divorce, this gorgeous cat has been nicknamed ‘Mrs. Doubtfire.’

CREDIT; Homeless Animal Adoption League

Although we don’t know how this cat ended up caring for a litter of kittens, the important thing is that they are now secure, and both him and the puppies will be searching for homes soon, preferably with people who love and care for them as much as Mrs. Doubtfire did.

CREDIT; Homeless Animal Adoption League

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