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Security Camera Captures The Moment A Man Helps A Homeless Dog Freezing Of Cold In Turkey

Bülent Kalpakçolu shown a caring heart, which unfortunately many people seem to lack. On a cold winter day in Turkey, a surveillance camera filmed this man assisting a homeless dog that was entirely alone and shivering.

The dog may have felt he had no one to show him affection in this world, but Kalpakçolu gave him a fresh lease on life and a cause to trust in mankind.

Following a heist in Giresum, Turkey, one of the people was checking security camera footage when he came across the touching and lovely scene.

CREDIT: Bülent Kalpakçıoğlu

In the video, you can see the mysterious man approaching the dog to give him some food and even take off his jacket to shield him from the cold.

Kalpakçolu stated modestly that the act of kindness was the least he could do to assist another creature.

The Dodo quoted Kalpakçolu as saying:

“I would have eaten away at my conscience if I hadn’t given him my jacket. They are outside in the cold while we are inside in a warm house.”

CREDIT: Bülent Kalpakçıoğlu

Mayor Kerim Aksu recently presented Kalpakçolu with an unique certificate.

“With this deed, he taught humanity a lesson,” Aksu remarked during his speech, adding:

“Animals are our companions. They love people, we love our city, and we love all the living creatures that are a part of who we are and who our city is.”

CREDIT: Bülent Kalpakçıoğlu

Kalpakçolu’s kind deed is anticipated to inspire many individuals to aid those in need.

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