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Loyal Cat Accompanied Her Sick Best Friend To The End

Kylie was a brave girl who had to depart this world after battling illness; in her final days, she was joined by a faithful cat named Eliza, who became her greatest companion and another cause to smile.

Kylie’s mother, Robin Myers, stated:

“I’d heard people refer to animals as angels, but I didn’t understand what that meant until Eliza met Kylie.”

This precious cat was previously called Dolly and came to the animal rescue organization Angels Amount Us very sick, she was in the skin and bones.

CREDIT: Robin Myers

According to Angels Amount Us:

“We restored her health and she was waiting for a house for the rest of her life when we received a very tragic phone call. Kylie, a beautiful kid, got cancer, and just when they believed her treatment was over and she would be getting better, it returned.”

CREDIT: Robin Myers

“The family did not intend to adopt a new kitten. In fact, we rushed with Dolly (Eliza now) to take her there on loan, simply to be with Kylie during her last days on earth.”

The girl’s face lighted up the room when she first saw Eliza, the cat cuddled up in her arms, and she basically remained with her for two and a half days.

Eliza placed her paw on Kylie’s shoulder and stayed by her side as the girl received her medication; the other girls attempted to occupy her by playing with her, but she returned to bed to comfort Kylie.

CREDIT: Robin Myers

Robin stated:

“She was entirely devoted to loving Kylie, and it was the most lovely thing to see.

Kylie knew it was time to depart and had plans for her beloved Eliza and her family; first, it was assumed that the cat had come to that home to accompany the girl in her final days, but it was only a tiny part of her mission.

CREDIT: Robin Myers

Kylie asked her family to give Eliza a forever home and take great care of her, when she passed away, the cat was the one who comforted her mother, curled up in her arms and purred in her ears when she heard her crying.

“I’ve never had a pet, especially a cat that’s so in tune with what we need.”

CREDIT: Robin Myers

“Kylie told me to take care of Eliza but it’s also as if she whispered to Eliza to take care of me.”

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