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Adorable Girl Breaks Down In Tears Because Her Teacher Found The Homeless Dog She Had Hidden In Her Backpack

A gorgeous girl sobbed because her teacher discovered a homeless dog in her bag; the puppy was resting as the girl pleaded not to be separated from her. She found the dog outside her kindergarten in China’s Sichuany province and wanted to bring it home with her. Everything was captured on video and uploaded online by People’s Daily China.

The small girl, clearly concerned, stated:

“It’s not going to hurt anyone.”

CREDIT: People’s Daily China press

The little girl attempted to take the puppy home after discovering him and asks her teacher to let her keep the small dog, who looks to be sleeping in her handbag.

CREDIT: People’s Daily China press

The little girl and her twin sister were eventually permitted to keep the puppy as a companion animal, which would undoubtedly bring her a lot of joy for the rest of her life.

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