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Waira, The Dog Who Rescued Two Rabbits From An Avalanche In Colombia

On March 31, this year, a horrific avalanche happened in Mocoa, Colombia, after the Mocoa, Mulato, and Sangoyaco rivers overflowed owing to severe rainfall. Waira Shabima (Wind and Drizzle in Inga) is a 12-year-old black Labrador dog who resided in the Quinchoa family’s home (Indigenous Inga, from Mocoa, Putumayo). This brave dog rescued two bunnies from an avalanche.

Many metropolitan neighborhoods were entirely buried in mud, rocks, and debris. According to the study, which was corroborated by Medicina Legal, 329 individuals were killed and 70 are still missing.

Elena Quinchoa explained to Notas de Mascotas:

“There were a lot of stones and only the front of the façade from our house.” Those who were in the house managed to get out of the miracle.”

CREDIT: Elena Quinchoa

Waira raced about the family’s rabbits on a regular basis, and despite the fact that they “fought” all the time, this dog showed tremendous affection to those other furry members of the family.

CREDIT: Elena Quinchoa

When the avalanche went by, it pulled Elena’s mother’s house in a couple of seconds. The lady was able to walk out with the other individuals there as they watched their house being carried away by the river.

CREDIT: Elena Quinchoa

Waira and the bunnies were never heard from again, and the Quinchoa family couldn’t stop thinking about the heartbreaking scene of their creatures being washed away by the water.

Elena stated:

“We hoped in the early hours following the avalanche that it would arise without the hope that our dogs would survive. Waira, our 12-year-old Labrador, and our bunnies Ginger, Nucita, and Lily sprang to mind.”

CREDIT: Elena Quinchoa

Elena claims that the animals had little hope of survival because the water had already rushed across the backyard the moment it came out.

CREDIT: Elena Quinchoa

“When daylight came, we went to see what remained of the home. The sight was not encouraging: there was no longer a patio, no kitchen, and no rooms. We left sad to tour the rest of the neighborhood.”

CREDIT: Elena Quinchoa

Elena stated to Pet Notes:

“There were multiple false avalanche alerts that day, and we had to flee in terror. On our way back to the home that afternoon, we noticed a tiny black dog in the distance that reminded us of Waira. When we got close to the house, the neighbors started shouting that our dog was alive. She’s still alive! It’s her! When we saw her, we burst into tears.”

The Quinchoa family was relieved to see Waira again, so they made her a strap from of scraps of fabric and transported her to a secure location among the bunnies.

CREDIT: Elena Quinchoa

“A relative found us when we were already with Waira and told us that he had just saved two of the bunnies: Ginger and Nucita.” That was incredible! “How are they still alive?”

Later, a neighbor informed the Quinchoas that in the morning, he peeked into a locked room that was solely filled with muck and spotted Waira and the rabbits next to him on top of the bed. They, being an unknown person, hid again in bed.

CREDIT: Elena Quinchoa

The family believes Waira carried the bunnies in his muzzle to safety.

“What still surprises us is how they were able to flee the avalanche, enter a room with a closed door, and jump out of a window more than 2 meters high. It really is a miracle to have them with us. We only lost Lily, the babyest bunny.”

CREDIT: Elena Quinchoa

Waira heals with the help of her family.
According to the Quinchoa family, Waira is now in treatment because she became depressed after what happened and refused to eat or do anything.

CREDIT: Elena Quinchoa

“When we left, she was wailing on the fence; she had been highly treated to help her get out of her situation, and little by little, she has been improving, but we know she misses her huge expanse that she believed she owned.”

Waira is happier now, and she has new furry siblings; despite the fact that they were abandoned, they are now reunited and have new family members.

We hope that Waira will overcome it soon and that she and her family will never be separated again.

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