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Veterinarian Frees A Wild Horse In Chains And He Thanks His Savior With A Kiss

Horses’ front legs are commonly chained in Romania to keep them from roaming and bolting. On this particular day, though, veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu stepped in when he saw a distressed wild horse begging for aid.

The volunteer from Romania’s Four Paws group couldn’t handle the thought of the poor animal suffering with the shackles digging further and deeper into its body.

The veterinarian sedated the animal before beginning his procedure by removing the chains.

CREDIT: FOUR PAWS International

When he was eventually able to liberate him and assist him recover from anesthesia, the horse expressed his appreciation in an unexpected way, slowly approaching his savior and kissing him.

According to Four Paws International, the horse has been marked so that it may be identified in the future if it reappears.

CREDIT: FOUR PAWS International

According to a Four Paws spokesman:

“If we discover him chained again, we will take efforts to identify and report the owner to the police; we can also take steps to instruct the owner on correct horse treatment and care, depending on their desire to comply. Unfortunately practices like this have been in place for many years in many countries, not just Romania.”

CREDIT: FOUR PAWS International

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