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Hero Dog Helped His Owner in Pushing Her Car Along a Flooded Street

In Glasgow, Australia, a Scottish dog assisted its owner in rescuing two people and pulling their car out of floodwaters.

When owner Lori Gillies attempted to drive the car along Harland Street, their Springer Spaniel, Puck, went for a push, just as two ladies were caught in the water.

Credit: Kachorros.Shop

When she begins to push, the smart puppy quickly assists her by connecting with her two front legs on the rear of the automobile.

Credit: Kachorros.Shop

Because of the woman’s and her brave companion’s enormous work, the engine starts to move.

Credit: Kachorros.Shop

“Oh, the dog is pushing!” said a shocked spectator as he filmed the performance from the comfort of his own home, watching Puck assisting owner Lori. Shiny! That concludes the discussion.

Credit: Kachorros.Shop

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