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Driver Shocked To Discover Why Trash Bag In Road Was Moving

Malissa Last week, Sergent Lewis wasn’t expecting to save a life on her way to work. That is, however, precisely what she did.


Lewis was running a bit late to work at an elementary school in Kentucky on Thursday morning, so she took a shortcut along a back road instead. Despite her haste, Lewis saw something shockingly out of the norm while walking along that quiet country street.

“‘Did I just see that bag move?’ I wondered as I passed by this garbage bag in the road. As I went closer, I saw it was moving “She told The Dodo about it. “That was difficult for me to comprehend. There was something living in that bag, and I knew I had to get it out.”

Lewis’ mobile phone video captures the helpless creature hobbling toward her oncoming car.

Lewis approached the sack with care, not knowing if it contained a hazardous animal. Regardless, she offered assistance.

“I cautiously tore a piece and glanced inside the bag since it was tied up in a knot,” she explained. “It was a puppy, of course. And he was overjoyed to see me. He started wagging his tail as soon as I opened it and he saw light. He felt confident in his abilities. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.”

Lewis chose to take the puppy with her because he was wearing a collar but had no tag to show where he originated from. (She was still late for work, after all.)

She explained, “I just put him in my lap and drove to school.” “I couldn’t leave him in the car, so I took him into the house with me. ‘You have a dog!’ said the principal when he saw me. ‘It’s a lengthy story,’ I explained.”


It’s unclear if the dog was abandoned by his owner or was taken and dumped there by someone else. Lewis says officials are looking into the matter, but she’s convinced someone did it on purpose – and that he would have died if she hadn’t been lucky enough to see him in time.

“Who in their right mind would do such a thing to an animal? Everyone loves puppies, regardless of who they are “she stated “Putting an animal, any animal, in a rubbish bag and dumping it by the side of the road is a cruel act. They were acting with nefarious motives.”

Thankfully, the puppy discovered the person who could aid him not just in that difficult moment, but for the rest of his life.


Lewis and her family had already formed a relationship with the small puppy she rescued after only a few days. He’s even been given a moniker that alluded to the circumstances of his accidental discovery: Hefty.

Things are starting to look up for him.


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