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Blind Cats Never Let Their Disability Stop Them From Living Life

Grace and Max are two adorable blind cats rescued by Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco, California. Despite their inability to see, the felines have not let their condition prevent them from living a normal life. They also have a nice home and a family who adores them with all their might.

Photographer Josh Norem, who owns The Furrtographer and has numerous blind cats in his family, appreciates assisting these special-needs cats in finding a loving home that would care for them indefinitely.

Josh stated to Paws Planet:

“As a fan of blind cats, I noticed that many of these special-needs creatures are euthanized when they arrive at a shelter, so I got involved in Cat Rescue to help cats like them (who see and don’t see) find a home. And I thought one of the best ways to help them was to make sure they had great photographs.”


The photographer has worked in support of the Saving Grace Rescue Center and claims that, as the adoptive father of multiple blind cats, he appreciates supporting the rescue center’s work and attempts to find acceptable homes for the cats.


Josh says it’s unusual to see any of the cats again after they’ve been adopted, so when he received a call from a couple who had adopted two of them, he was overjoyed.


According to the photographer:

“Imagine my surprise and pleasure when a couple who acquired not one, but two blind cats from Saving Grace contacted me about a photo shoot. I’d been following these kitties on Instagram for a long, so I was thrilled to see them both in their forever home!”


Max, one of the cats, is a lovely Russian blue feline that is very friendly and loving. Max’s eyeballs were broken when he was a newborn, but due to the Saving Grace rescue organization, the gorgeous cat was able to undergo eye surgery and has since evolved into a nice, healthy cat with a wonderful home.


Grace, Max’s sibling, is a bashful kitty. Her parents felt she would be a great addition to their family the moment they met her. Grace grew into a wonderful spoilt kitty who is, of course, her brother’s dearest buddy.


Janell and Justin are the kittens’ adoptive parents. They are quite amazing, and according to Josh, this couple is dedicated to caring for their two cats.

Josh continued, saying:

“They are not only exceedingly nice and lovely, but they are also great heroes for saving these two precious kitties. Thank you for providing these kitties a home and for allowing me to photograph them.”


These gorgeous cats live peacefully with a loving household; they run, play, and are mischievous. They are determined to enjoy every moment and will not be deterred by anything.


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